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50 Day Burpee Challenge

Start Date: October 1, 2021

Details: The first day will consist of one burpee and for 50 days we will add one burpee each day. For example, day three would consist of three burpees, day ten would consist of ten burpees, and so on. They do not have to be completed all at once and can be spaced out throughout the day. Burpee modifications could include performing the push up from the knees and removing the jump at completion. Remember, the goal is to just keep moving everyday, so use any modification necessary to accommodate your needs. If you would like to join, one of our members has created a Facebook group where we can all interact, share ideas and support each other throughout the challenge! The link to join the group is shared below.            

                                Let's Do This!!! Fall 2021 Challenge!!

 50 Day Burpee Challenge - Fall Burpees | Facebook 

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